The Latest - trying to catch up - everything in disarray. But "slow and steady:" - wins the race

10-3-2023 - Request for Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law - what "facts" and what "law" did judge Martin supposedly "find" - so as to "evict" me as as a mere "tenant" in a "unit" - off my 150 acre 42 year homestead? 

10-3-2023 - Motion for a New Trial because there never was a first - was of course a "jury" case - what happened to my right to a trial - in America?

10-3-2023 - Motion to Modify Correct and Reform the Judgment - there is a lot wrong with what Mr. Martin did - like "unlawful appropriation of property" - such as title - such unlawful appropriation being the very definition of THEFT.
Tex. Penal 31.03. THEFT. (a) A person commits an offense if he unlawfully appropriates property with intent to deprive the owner of property.
Tex. Penal 31.01 (4) "Appropriate" means: (A) to bring about a transfer or purported transfer of title to or other nonpossessory interest in property, whether to the actor or another; or

CSD Van Zandt / Robert Dow never even held purported title to sue on - the purported title was held by Sanger Bank, upon a Deed of Trust Robert Dow executed in favor of Sanger Bank upon his Borrowing $850,000 with a BALLOON note at the end.  The Deed of Trust.

10-9-2023 - Notice of Appeal - on the real Judgment, the one of 9-20-2023.  But the Appeals Court already dismissed the case, someone having wrongly taken Judge Martin's Order on Motion for Summary Judgment of 8-17-2023 as having been the judgment, par for the course.

10-12-2023 - Motion for Reconsideration - trying to reset the Appeals Court - timely contact with the appeals court got all disrupted by mail address change, disruption of EVERYTHING

2-18-2024 - Appeals Court Brief   Appendix   Clerk's Record

                             In America?


Me, UDO BIRNBAUM, 86 years old, recent stroke, evicted by a Writ of Possession (“eviction”) - coming out of a district court, which has no jurisdiction whatsoever over “possession”, only the JP Court of the precinct – without ever a trial or hearing, out of my 42 year homestead – as a supposed “tenant” in a “unit” – by a fully armed SWAT team dozen – without ever inquiry with any of the neighbors, ever.
All upon the filing of a fraudulent lawsuit upon a fraudulent deed purporting to have conveyed my 150 acres, to a big time Dallas land developer, who likes Van Zandt County.

What is America smoking?

2-18-2024 - Appeals Court Brief   Appendix   Clerk's Record